Wiltrud McElligott


Wiltrud grew up near Hamburg, Germany, as a member of a large family who all played music. While at school, she played in the Hamburg Youth Orchestra and its Chamber Orchestra and she continued playing in orchestras as a student, such as the orchestra for the Bavarian Boys’ Boarding Choir ‘Windsbacher Knabenchor’, performing concerts throughout Southern Germany.


Wiltrud has lived in many countries a lot and the violin always provided an opportunity to meet new people. While living in Germany, England, America, then Scotland, playing music remained important. Before coming to Ireland, while raising three children, doing a Post Graduate Social Work Degree at Edinburgh University and then working full time in Social Work, Wiltrud took part in many concerts with the St Andrews University Chamber Orchestra, Tayside Symphony Orchestra, the Heisenberg Ensemble and other chamber and orchestra groups.


In October 2005 Wiltrud moved to Limerick to join her husband who works at the University of Limerick. She immediately joined the University Orchestra and became its leader. Wiltrud also plays in other ensembles locally, including the Limerick Choral Union orchestra, the Limerick Baroque Players and at St Mary’s Cathedral.


Wiltrud works as a Senior Social Work Practitioner in Child Protection in Limerick and continues to enjoy playing music to provide a balance to her job, enrich her life and provide enjoyment for others.


While Wiltrud chose to remain a lay musician, two of her children have chosen music as their full time career.